Time for an adventure... and a new website! 😉
It has been over 10 years since I started Kreutzer Photography.  Never once did I ever think I would meet such amazing people that have turned into more like family than clients, experience the most heartfelt moments that few get to experience and...
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Forever "I Do"
Sitting in the car, waiting to go in, the sound of pouring rain and loud thunder echo against the car doors.  I looked at my wife sitting next to me and said, "ain't nothing like an outdoor wedding in the pouring rain." We looked at each other with that grin you get when you can only think "game on".  Not even the rain was going to stop this beautiful...
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Vegas 10 Year Vow Renewal
Someone once said to me that marriage is a constant act of choosing to fall in love with the other person over and over again - I couldn't agree more.  Truth bomb: Marriage is hard, but the reward is so much greater. Lasting love, a best friend and partner in crime, and endless adventures that await for years to come....
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